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military+operationsThe Top 5 Tactical Gear Items That No Special Forces or Law Enforcement Personnel Should Go Without

By Michael Ruiz

Special forces, soldiers, and law enforcement officers all know it: the world can be a very unpredictable and even dangerous place. Depending on your job, you need certain fundamental articles that are tantamount to many other ones. This cache of tactical and survival gear items includes surveillance equipment, weapons and weapon accessories, special apparel and uniforms, and various other utilities and gear.

The benefits? Yours and others' safety and well-being-and of course, the bad guys' demise.

Five Basic Items That All Public Servants and Enforcers Should Have

1. Holster and Magazine/Utility Pouch. As simple and obvious as this one sounds, any police officer or soldier will tell you the importance of a professional-grade gun holster (shoulder, hip, and/or ankle), magazine pouch, and/or general utility pouch for important articles like a flashlight and mace.

2. Professional-Grade Boots and Apparel. They should have at least one "compartment" for a knife or any other tactical and survival gear. The boot must be exceptionally slip resistant, durable, comfortable, and lace-up. Also, a pair of all-weather, thick socks should be used.

3. A multi-function Swiss Army knife and high-quality, plain or serrated knife. You likely very well know that the need arises for a high-quality knife more often than not and usually for some of the least obvious reasons.

4. Mace and/or Taser. Being able to subdue potential threats, without subjecting them to serious injuries, is critical. Mace, or pepper spray, comes in many forms; many of them come armed with more than one chemical, such as tear gas and OC pepper. Tasers are for the same purpose, but use a different technology-usually, a combination of compressed nitrogen and a set of electrically charged probes.

5. Gloves....and not any gloves. You need professional-grade gloves: one with finger reinforcements, resistant thumb/saddle pads, and that's of a high-quality, strengthened leather.

Of course, there's an entire arsenal of other important military or law enforcement field gear, depending on your job duties, rank, personal preferences and requirements and so forth. Included could be medical supplies, communication equipment, protective personal equipment, surveillance gear, firearms and firearm accessories and so forth.

The Bottom Line

As juvenile as it may sound, make the Boy Scouts' motto, 'Be Prepared', one of your most fundamental principles. Doing so will keep you and trusted colleagues safe, boost the morale of those around you, and empower you to better protect and serve society.

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